Why Did God allow this.

since we have no control over where we were born. Then it is up to God to judge. we did not choose our parents. So in the final analysis it is in the hands of God. So please go to hIM and ask Him some questions.
Biblical identity of present day Arabs are descended from the son of Abraham who had a son Ishmael from his wife handmaid. He was not the son God promise to give Abraham through Sarah. Ishmael’s mother was an Egyptian woman. These descendants also mixed with Esau descendants who was Jacob’s half twin. Now you can see the hatred in this race. Ishmael hated Issac, and Esau hated Jacob. What a mix double hatred first to Israel and then World dominion to reclaim the lost of the birthright to Jacob.
Mohammed came as a counterfiet to Moses as was by the devil to start war against all non-muslim people. His teachings are full of deception and lies .
It is estimate there are 1.6 billion muslims worldwide in a population of 7+ billion.Can they win the war? No. So with this background info you can understand why we are seeing what is taking place in the Middle East.


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